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Golf Carts with various upgrades

Your Best Golf Cart Upgrades

Today, Golf Carts are more than just Golf Carts.  They have moved from a pure golf-related luxury purchase to one that encompasses a much wider range of use and demands.  A modern Golf Cart can be used for anything from typical outdoorsman stuff (fishing, hunting, camping, etc.) to simple transportation, all the way through to utilization for military purposes. 

Now most of you won’t want to mount a turret on top of your Golf Cart of choice (here at Performance Carts we specialize in new Club Car, Yamaha and EZ-Go golf carts), so the military application is probably not an interest to you, but no matter how you are using your Golf Cart, there are some ways to upgrade and customize your Golf Cart to suit your personal style! 

Here are the top upgrades for your Golf Cart:

  1. Golf Cart Rims, Wheels/Tires

Check out our aftermarket golf cart rims [...]

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