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Caption of: Should I Buy a Used Golf Cart overlaid over a picture of some used golf carts at Performance Carts and Trailers just outside of Kitchener Ontario

Should I Buy a Used Golf Cart?

The answer to this question is not an easy one. The decision to buy either a new golf cart or a used golf cart is more complex than going with heads or tails – best 2 out of 3… or 4 of 7, or 50 of 99 (depending on what answer you’re looking for!!). 

The advantages of buying a new golf cart are obvious, but the first thing to consider when buying new OR used is…

Where Do You Buy a Used Golf Cart?

Let’s be honest.  When trying to buy a used anything can be fraught with sketchy experiences, out-of-whack pricing and products that are more pig than lipstick.  When buying a used golf cart (or new for that matter), it is always better to deal with a reputable dealer – such as Performance Carts!

Buying from a dealer will offer you a more holistic purchase.  [...]

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