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Caption of: Should I Buy a Used Golf Cart overlaid over a picture of some used golf carts at Performance Carts and Trailers just outside of Kitchener Ontario

Should I Buy a Used Golf Cart?

The answer to this question is not an easy one. The decision to buy either a new golf cart or a used golf cart is more complex than going with heads or tails – best 2 out of 3… or 4 of 7, or 50 of 99 (depending on what answer you’re looking for!!). 

The advantages of buying a new golf cart are obvious, but the first thing to consider when buying new OR used is…

Where Do You Buy a Used Golf Cart?

Let’s be honest.  When trying to buy a used anything can be fraught with sketchy experiences, out-of-whack pricing and products that are more pig than lipstick.  When buying a used golf cart (or new for that matter), it is always better to deal with a reputable dealer – such as Performance Carts!

Buying from a dealer will offer you a more holistic purchase.  [...]

Club Car Onward golf carts with 2 families enjoying themselves.

Club Car Onward.  It’s not surprising that a majority of the population – golf cart enthusiasts or not, know the name Club Car – it’s been around since the late 50’s.  What the general population may not know it just how deep the Club Car line-up is.  It includes Personal Transport, Street Legal and Personal Utility golf carts, in both electric and gas; and Performance Carts & Trailers is proud to be one of Ontario’s top selling Club Car dealers; and definitely Ontario’s largest golf cart accessory store.

Those that know Performance Carts & Trailers, know that we believe that every golf cart owner should personalize their ride so it reflects their own uniqueness and desire to standout from the boring crowd.  One of the benefits of being a Club Car dealer is that by representing Club Car, and especially the Club Car Onward line-up, we are offering the very best cart in the industry [...]

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